CBS Los Angeles has declared TNT “one of the best tribute bands you’ll find. TNT nails the sound and the energy of an AC/DC performance.”

TNT will be announcing details shortly on a national release of their contribution to “HIGHWAY TO HELL: A Tribute to AC/DC & Bon Scott- 1974-1979” which will be distributed national to major retail (Best Buy, Target) as well as online sources itunes and Amazon.

A gigantic thank you goes out to KCAL 96.7fm for featuring TNT at their “Kegger” event for several thousand “KCAL Rocks” listeners.

Rocking for good causes: TNT is pleased to donate their time to several good causes this summer through benefit concerts for Veterans First, Wounded Warriors, Operation Homefront and substance abuse agency, Simple Recovery.

TNT wishes to thank the Harley Davidson biker community for their recent events. A special shout out goes to bike clubs 801 MC, the Hell’s Angels, the Skeleton Kings and many more for showing TNT great time.

TNT wishes to thank the very large and spirited turnout at the Scottish Festival for the Rock Yer Kilt event onboard the Queen Mary. Here’s to all you kilted fellas: Hang em low and keep em rockin!!

Thank you City of Long Beach, CA for a very memorable New Year’s Eve! The downtown street event was epic, albeit rather cold.

TNT, in conjunction with KCAL fm 96.7, is proud to have provided musical direction for the record setting Guinness Book of World Records “Largest Air Drum Ensemble” at San Manuel Casino.

TNT is pleased to announce their victory at the Summer and Music Festival, Battle of the Tribute Bands in Long Beach.

TNT is pleased to announce their contribution to the release of Voltage Overload 2 which is now available on iTunes. TNT’s cover of “It’s a Long Way to the Top” captures the original spirit and authenticity of the Bon Scott era release. From the opening rhythm guitar track through the bagpipes solo and the hauntingly accurate vocal track, TNT is confident you will enjoy the track.

TNT is pleased to announce the endorsement from Steve Clayton USA as the band’s musical accessory provider. Thank you Clayton USA!